Today, Cambridge Audio announce a new, updated model of the award-winning network streamer CXN (V2) which now boasts Chromecast built-in functionality and is Google certified for use within your multi-room music set up. Chromecast built-in also connects with your favorite apps such as Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer and SoundCloud and allows seamless, high quality streaming and, for the first time, Roon capability.

With the CXN (V2) network streamer, Cambridge Audio has taken an award-winning product and made it even better. Built to stream digital audio from a wide variety of sources – including devices connected via USB, UPnP, Apple AirPlay and Spotify Connect – and upscale it for huge sound quality gains, this second generation edition of the CXN offers a huge array of improvements, thanks to greater processing power and a slicker user experience.

MPEG-DASH and HLS technology enables higher sound quality for Internet radio stations, while finding favourite musical moments within a track is easier than ever, thanks to the new ability to seek through any track played over UPnP, USB or Spotify Connect.

Cambridge Audio managing director Stuart George said, “At Cambridge Audio, we’re always innovating, always striving to improve our product offering. That’s why, despite the CXN winning multiple awards, we knew we could refine the streaming experience even further.”

  • Chromecast built-in
  • Roon capable
  • A faster, more powerful processor
  • MPEG-DASH and HLS compatibility enables high-quality Internet radio streams
  • Listeners can enjoy more control over playback with the ability to seek through a track played over UPnP, USB or Spotify Connect

ERP: $899.99


Stunning sound

Almost 50 years of engineering expertise goes into every Cambridge Audio product to ensure customers experience music exactly as it was meant to be heard by the artist. Nothing added, nothing taken away. The CXN (V2) is no different.

Every song played back over the CXN (V2) has even more acute detail and warm depth, so customers will be able to enjoy the nuances of music they’ve never heard in songs they’ve listened to thousands of times before.

This is achieved by passing the music through Cambridge Audio’s unique ATF2 upsampling technology, then through dual Wolfson WM8740 DACs. Audio is upscaled to a hi-res 24bit/384kHz format using polynomial curve fitting interpolation. And to ensure this technology delivers the purest sound, Cambridge Audio engineers spent hours tuning the CXN (V2) the old school way, by ear, which they believe is the only way to achieve a sound quality that genuinely moves you.


Connect Anything

The CXN (V2) will play almost anything customers want thanks to its huge processing power and the slick functionality afforded via the award-winning StreamMagic platform.

CXN (V2) introduces MPEG-DASH and HLS compatibility out of the box enabling higher quality, more consistent live streams for a better Internet radio experience. 

CXN (V2) features Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, AirPlay, NAS Drive/UPnP compatibility, asynchronous USB, coaxial and TOSLINK digital inputs, DSD64 support and AptX Bluetooth (via the optional BT100 receiver).

Complete control

Customers will find more control with the CXN (V2), as they’ll be able to seek through digital music playing from UPnP, USB or Spotify sources to pinpoint their favorite music moments. The CXN (V2) also features the outstanding levels of control introduced with the original: a large color screen to display album artwork, and commands and compatibility with the Cambridge Connect app to ensure seamless enjoyment of the unit.

‘Chromecast built-in’ copyright 2018 Google.  ‘Roon’ copyright 2018 Roonlabs.

CXN (V2) – technical specification – click here for download

High res images – click on the images below for download