Bridging the gap between turntable and amplifier, a dedicated phono stage is a valued component in any vinyl-lover’s audio setup. By boosting the signal quality between the two other components, Cambridge Audio’s stylish new Solo and Duo phono stages ensure that listeners’ records sound as detailed, clean and accurate as possible.

  • High quality stereo phono stages
  • Duo uniquely offers a 6.3mm headphone jack output
  • Solo offers a moving magnet phono stage and Duo offers both moving magnet and moving coil
  • State-of-the-art switch mode power supply – fast response, high precision and reduced hum
  • Guaranteed low background noise thanks to surface-mounted circuit board components
  • Premium quality aluminium and steel construction, finished in stylish graphite grey

Solo ERP: $179.99

Duo ERP: $299.99


Engineering expertise

Since its founding in 1968, Cambridge Audio has pursued a simple goal: to create hi-fi systems that bring the “British Sound” into people’s homes. For many, music was initially on vinyl.

Compact disc and streaming followed, yet despite the change in formats, Cambridge Audio products have always been designed to ensure you hear your music exactly as it was recorded. Nothing added, nothing taken away.

Nearly 50 years later, Cambridge has drawn upon its unique engineering expertise to offer the same experience to a new generation of vinyl-lovers with the introduction of two modern, state-of-the-art dedicated stereo phono stages: the Solo and Duo.


Why use a dedicated phono stage?

A dedicated stereo phono stage allows a modern amplifier to play vinyl at its very best. The signal created by a turntable is usually very weak, so a phono stage is essential in increasing that signal to something an amplifier can work with. A dedicated phono stage offers a distinct sound quality advantage over the low-quality phono stages found integrated into other products – these are often sited in electrically “noisy” environments.

With the new Solo and Duo phono stages, Cambridge Audio has incorporated the latest technology to ensure that the traditional, enjoyable “warm” sound of vinyl is maintained, but is presented with a modern precision that has previously been unavailable.

Reduced noise

The Solo and Duo both use the latest switch mode power supplies and surface mount technology to allow a compact overall design with short signal paths on the board inside. This guarantees a faster response, greater precision and importantly, lower background noise levels, free from the hum and noise that can badly corrupt the delicate low-level signals of vinyl.

By specifying switch mode power supplies, Cambridge Audio has been able to use smaller transformers, while maintaining or improving power output levels, which in turn has allowed for a compact and minimalist design.

Switch mode power supplies and software control also allow for improved energy efficiency. Both phono stages automatically switch to standby (with energy consumption of less than half a watt) if unused for twenty minutes.


Product highlights

The Solo is a dedicated moving magnet phono stage, while the Duo will work with any turntable thanks to incorporating both moving magnet and moving coil input stages.

The Duo is also unique in combining the phono stage with a dedicated high-quality headphone amplifier and volume control, allowing consumers the opportunity to enjoy their turntable without the need to switch on their main amplifier.

Both phono stages feature a rear-mounted balance control to trim channel level imbalances in cartridges. Solo has a simple fascia with just an LED indicator, while Duo adds a full-size 6.3mm headphone jack and volume control.

Whichever model consumers choose, both the Solo and Duo will allow vinyl music reproduction to reach new heights, fully justifying the format’s reputation.

Solo and Duo – technical specification – click here to download

High res images – click on the images below for download